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1. Munna Gupta v. State of Chhattisgarh, (SC) 29.05.2024.

- Indian Penal Code, 1860, Section 397 - Robbery with attempt to cause death - Reduction in sentence - Appellant undergone 70 per cent of sentence and Supreme Court found appellant being entitle

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2. Alifiya Husenbhai Keshariya v. Siddiq Ismail Sindhi, (SC) 27.05.2024.

- A. Civil Procedure Code, 1908, Order 44 Rule 1 and Order 33 - Indigent Person - Motor Accident Claim filed as an indigent person - Award in the favour of Appellant - Appeal as an indigent person rejected, on the ground t

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3. Union of India v. Barakathullah, (SC) 22.05.2024.

- A. Supreme Court Rules, 2013, Order XXII, Rule 2(3) - State seeking cancellation of Bail - Preliminary objection that the appellant having failed to mention about the SLP (Crl.) which was preferred by the appellant again

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4. Bijay Kumar Manish Kumar HUF v. Ashwin Bhanulal Desai, (SC) 17.05.2024.

- A. Constitution of India, 1950, Article 136 - Eviction petition - Non payment of rent - Forfeiture of lease - Direction for payment of rent and mesne profit - Held, mesne profits become payable on continuation of possess

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5. Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd. v. M/s JSW Steel Ltd., (SC) 17.05.2024.

- Electricity Act, 2003, Sections 62 (3) and 111 - Imposition of reliability charge by distribution licensee - Legality of - As per Tribunal, continuous process industr

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6. The Employees State Insurance Corporation Ltd. v. Nagar Nigam Allahabad (SC) 17.05.2024.

- A. Employees State Insurance Act, 1948, Sections 40 , 45A and 85B - Employees of Nagar Nigam not covered under Employees' State Insurance

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7. National Investigation Agency New Delhi v. Owais Amin @ Cherry (SC) 17.05.2024.

- Code of Criminal Procedure SVT., 1989, Sections 196 and 196A - Non compliance of section 196B - Special Judge, NIA concluded that no c

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8. M/s. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited v. Dharamnath Singh, (SC) 17.05.2024.

- Essential Commodities Act, 1955, Section 3 - Termination of dealership agreement - When dealership agreement is to be cancelled, it has to be so done strictly in consonance with Rules/Guidelines

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9. Sunita Devi v. State of Bihar (SC) 17.05.2024.

- A. Rule for Video Conferencing for Courts, 2020, Rules 6, 8 and 11 - Video Conferencing - It is only appropriate that the accused has to be produced before the Court, rather than marking his appearance through video conf

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10. Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation Limited v. Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporation Employees Welfare Union (SC) 17.05.2024.

- Tamil Nadu Industrial Establishments (Conferment of Permanent Status to Workmen) Act, 1981, Sections 2 (3) and 7 - Establishment - Tamil Nadu Medical Services Corporatio

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